American Soldiers on Music

Established in April 2006, this site is an ongoing project in which American soldiers discuss the role that music played during their deployment to Iraq. The goal is to gain an understanding of how soldiers listen to music, what they listen to, and how they feel music may have affected them. I want to create an open platform for soldiers to express, in their own words, their relationship to music while on tour in Iraq. Each soldier gave consent to have the interview recorded and posted on this website. The only editing is the elimination of the “pleasantries” from the beginnings and ends of conversations, and a few audio production techniques to enhance the listening experience (compression, hiss reduction, and equalization). Any reproduction, citation, or other use of the materials, besides listening, must be done so with written permission of Jonathan Pieslak AND the individual soldier cited. Please respect the preferences of soldiers to share or not share their interviews.


Jennifer Atkinson

Ron Botelho

Colby Buzzell

CJ Grisham

Erik Holtan

Dan Kuehl

Joshua Revak

Jason Sagebiel

Neal Saunders

David JR Schultz

Additional Interview with Ziv Shalev of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF)

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