CJ Grisham

CJ Grisham in Phone Conversation with Jonathan Pieslak

(0:00) Brief Biography
(1:55) Songs associated with Events in His Life
(3:08) Playing Brass Instruments
(3:54) Why He Joined the Army
(5:24) Deployment to Kuwait and Iraq
(6:24) Duties in Iraq, “Tactical Intel Nerd”
(7:43) The Musical Environment, Music in a Typical Day
(9:30) Eminem’s “Go to sleep” as a Pre-mission Song
(10:24) Crossing the Border to Metallica
(11:25) Installing the Sound System in Their Truck
(12:21) Listening to Music in the Truck
(13:52) Music’s Affect
(15:06) Listening to Mudvayne
(16:46) Music During Interrogation
(21:13) “Babies Crying” Tape
(21:56) The History of Music During Interrogation
(22:38) The Goals of Music During Interrogation
(23:19) Speaker Trucks
(25:35) “Thunder Runs,” Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries,” and the Scene from Apocalypse Now
(31:14) Nirvana’s “Territorial Pissings”
(31:39) Iraq Slideshow Set to the Foo Fighter’s “Times Like These”
(35:08) Grouchymedia.com and Videos
(37:16) Songs That Remind Him of Iraq
(38:00) The Politics of Field Intelligence and Listening to Music
(39:16) Listening to Music That Reminded Him of Family
(40:51) More on Grouchymedia.com and the Video to Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”
(41:56) Music and the Recovery of Wounded Soldiers

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