Colby Buzzell

Colby Buzzell in Phone Conversation with Jonathan Pieslak

(0:00) Brief Biography
(1:48) Why Colby Joined the Army
(2:00) Musical Life/Interests Growing Up
(6:39) Deployment to Iraq
(6:52) More on Why He Joined the Army
(8:24) Duties in Military
(9:00) Duties in Iraq
(9:47) Music in a Typical Day in Iraq
(13:09) The Importance of Music in Iraq
(15:13) Getting Married to Slayer
(16:10) Music’s Impact Before Going Out on Missions
(17:00) Music as a Personal Soundtrack
(20:00) Friendships and Bonding Through Music
(22:17) Getting Pumped Up with the Iraqi Police
(23:37) Chipmunks Christmas
(27:37) “Stryker Soundtrack”
(30:44) Speakers in Mosques

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