David JR Schultz

JR Schultz in Phone Conversation with Jonathan Pieslak

Note: the sound quality of the first four minutes of the interview has a slight hiss, making it slightly difficult to hear. However, the quality becomes much better after only a few minutes; please continue to listen.

(0:00) Biography and Why He Joined the Arkansas National Guard
(1:48) Military Occupational Specialty 11B, Trained Iraqi National Guard (ING)
(3:32) Music at Ft. Hood, Texas
(4:53) Music in Iraq, Listening to Music Before Going on Missions
(8:20) The Album, Iraq Unplugged
(12:37) Motivation to Write
(14:50) The Reaction of the Other Soldiers
(19:22) Getting Across Feelings
(21:42) More on the Album
(23:11) Message of the Album

Check out JR’s website for the album Iraq Unplugged