Erik Holtan

Erik Holtan in Phone Conversation with Jonathan Pieslak

(0:00) Why Erik Joined the Army
(1:39) Deployment to Iraq
(2:16) Duties in Iraq
(5:20) Music in Iraq (General Comments)
(8:32) iPod in Iraq, Armed Forces Radio
(10:09) Music in a Typical Day in Iraq
(15:10) Playing Drums
(17:09) Playing Guitar
(18:24) Instruments in the Chapels
(19:42) Soldiers Buying Guitars and Learning to Play
(22:53) How Music Impacted Him
(28:59) Music During Travel
(30:50) MWR Tours, Boosting Morale
(37:27) Music That Takes Him Back to Iraq
(34:08) “Tailgating” for MWR Concerts, and the Impact on Morale
(43:52) Friendships and Bonding Through Music

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