Jennifer Atkinson

Jennifer Atkinson in Phone Conversation with Jonathan Pieslak

(0:00) Brief Biography
(2:00) Joining the Army
(2:34) Music (or lack thereof) in Basic Training
(6:10) Singing and CDs
(8:39) Voice Lessons
(10:51) More on Why She Joined the Army
(12:38) What It Was Like Being a Woman in the Army
(17:12) Duties While Deployed in Iraq
(18:29) Musical Environment in Iraq, How Music Into a Typical Day
(19:50) How Music Impacted Her and Some of Her Favorite Music While Deployed
(23:19) The Chicken Dance
(24:56) Dave, “This Old Man,” and Reading to His Son
(26:30) Getting “Kunked” and Lil’ Jon’s “I Don’t Give a Fuck”
(29:52) Music in Church Services
(35:30) General Comments on How Music Impacted Her While Deployed
(36:38) The USO Tours

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