Joshua Revak

Joshua Revak in Phone Conversation from Germany with Jonathan Pieslak

(0:00) Brief Biography
(2:32) Musical Life/Playing Guitar Growing Up
(3:45) Why He Joined the Military
(5:12) Locations of Service in Iraq
(5:43) Duties in Iraq
(7:35) The Musical Environment in Iraq
(8:33) Joshua and His Friend Playing for the Battalion
(9:00) The First Time He Wrote a Song with
His Friend for a Soldier Who Was Killed
(9:50) The Immediate Chain of Command Resisting Him
Playing Music for the Battalion
(11:53) Music in Recovery and The Album
(13:02) Listening to Christian Rock in Recovery
(14:50) Listening to Tupac and Constructing a Sound System in His Tank
(17:13) The Impact of Music in the Tanks
(18:03) Music Speaks to the Soul
(19:53) Music in PSYOPS and Shattering the Confidence of the Enemy
(21:51) The Album and Memorial Songs for His Friends
(24:50) His Friend Who Was Killed Played Guitar on the Unit Song
(25:47) Songs He Wrote After He Was Wounded

Check out Joshua’s myspace page to hear songs from the album