Neal Saunders

Sgt. Neal Saunders in Phone Conversations with Jonathan Pieslak

(0:00)   Brief Biography
(1:32)   Why Neal Joined the Army
(7:35)   Duties in Iraq and Deployment
(12:30) How Music Fits into a Typical Day
(14:25) Listening to Music Before�
            Going out in the Field
(16:45) The Origins of 4th25
(18:13) “dirty”
(21:14) Inspiration for the Album
(24:18) “24 hours”
(29:35) Previous Recording/Producing
(31:02) Comments on Soldier Rap
(41:19) “lace your boots”
(46:40) Description of the Studio
(48:20) What the Superiors Thought
             of the Album
(50:53) Pictures on the Album Insert
(51:35) What the Album is All About
(57:21) “matter of time”
(58:05) More on the Insert to the Album

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