Ziv Shalev

Ziv Shalev in Conversation with Jonathan Pieslak

Index of Topics Discussed

(0:00) Brief Biography
(0:20) Life as a Kid in Israel, Musical Background
(2:23) Service in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF)
(8:26) Being a Combat Soldier in the IDF
(9:45) Duties in the Intelligence Unit
(12:45) Sergeant Course and Specific Objectives of His Team
(14:47) How Music Factored into His Life in the IDF
(17:38) Listening to Heavy Metal Before Going on and Ambush
(19:29) Playing Metallica at Members of Hezbollah
(20:28) The Impact of Listening to Metal
(22:37) The Music of Soldiers from Jerusalem
(24:24) The Reaction of Hezbollah to Metallica/Metal Music
(26:56) Interrogation Techniques
(30:20) A Peaceful Coexistence Between Israel and Its Surrounding Countries
(35:23) The Most Recent Conflict With Hezbollah and Lynching in Ramallah
(39:36) Is There a Solution?